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Entre chien et loup, entre sens et sensations, fiction et documentaire : le travail d’Anthony Carcone se distingue avant tout par son insaisissabilité. Sans contour assignable : un élément au sein duquel on est immergé, dans lequel on évolue, on expérimente, pense et sent. C’est une matière artistique globale qui inclus images fixes ou mouvantes, sons, ainsi que l’architecture dans laquelle il se déploie. Ce sont tantôt des images hypnotiques, tantôt des images didactiques,tantôt des fragments de beauté. Errements, latence, concentration, veille, silence : c’est la matière même de notre existence.

Window Drawing Shadow, 2013. L’installation "Window Drawing Shadow" est une oeuvre éphémère visible à un moment précis de la journée. Le désir de laisser le moins de traces possibles demeure irrémédiablement paradoxal. C’est pourquoi, même si l’art éphémère veut sortir du musée, il y revient de façon indirecte.

Extrait, opening/ Paris 2013 :

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Azar aka Anthony Carcone is a sound artist based in Paris. 
He makes concerts, sounds installations, soundtracks, audio publications and radio programmes. Some of his work have been presented at radio festivals in France, Bruxelles, Scotland, Canada, Mexico and over twenty countries around the world. He has also performed live with his band ETC fromEurope to China. Anthony Carcone plays prepared guitar. The sound of this instrument, enhanced by the use of micro contacts, is not accompaniment but more sound sculpture. Playing solo or in band, Anthony Carcone produce cinematographic and ambient music.

With his recordings, Azar creates from work on surrounding sounds, real soundscapes, that alter our perception of the outside world. By focusing on the physical dimension of sound, the artist seeks to recreate atmospheres and shapes. His approach uses microphones, « close-up or distant », as one would say of a cinematographic framing, to catch life, sounds of reality that he recomposes on live. He is an active member of the sound and radio creation workshop ACSR in Brussels and has participated in numerous festivals in France and in Europe : Nuit Blanche, Microphonic, Radiophonic, Engrenage, ADM, Ephémères and recently at the Nuit de la littérature with Hsia-yu from Taiwan. In recent years , Anthony Carcone has distinguished himself on stage with improvised music, notably during performance with the ETC collective as well as through his encounters with other artistic forms : poetry, dance, vidéo or recently with poets like Hsia-Yu in Paris.

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